You might think creating a countertop display is simple: Just choose your merchandise and situate it on the countertop in question,How to Create Countertop Displays for Every Store Articles right?Well, sort of – but creating a countertop display actually takes a bit more planning than that. You need to understand the amount of space you have to work with, choose the right merchandise to showcase, and find fixtures that will both work with the space and the merchandise to attractively and conveniently showcase your products.Step One: Analyze Your Countertop SpaceThe first step to creating countertop displays is to analyze your countertop space. You have to be familiar with how much space you have to work with before you can move on to the second and third steps; after all, how are you supposed to know what kinds of merchandise and what kinds of display fixtures will fit on your countertop if you’re not sure how much space you have?There are two ways to analyze your countertop space: You can “eyeball” it, which might work for some folks, or you can actually measure it, which works best in all situations. When you’re ready to order your display fixtures, you’ll see what sizes they’re available in and it will be easier to choose the ones right for your countertop if you know exactly how big or small your countertop is.Step Two: Decide What Merchandise to DisplayNow that you know how much countertop space you have to work with, it’s time to decide what merchandise you want to display.Generally, the merchandise you showcase will depend on the kind of store you manage. If you manage a candy store, for example, you’ll probably want to create a candy display. If you manage a gas station or convenience store, you might want to showcase convenience items countertop stores like lighters or key chains. No matter what kind of merchandise you sell or choose for your countertop display, make sure it’s the appropriate size for the amount of space you have to work with (see above) and will comfortably fit in whatever display fixtures you choose (see below).Step Three: Consider Your Display Fixture OptionsThe third step might actually be the trickiest – or, rather, the most time consuming – of all the steps. Why? Because there are so many different kinds of display fixtures to choose from!Companies that sell wholesale store supplies generally have many different kinds of display fixtures to choose from – no matter what kind of merchandise you’re display or where you want to situate your display. When you combine one company’s many options with the many options of all the other companies out there that sell wholesale store supplies, your possibilities seem endless!In order to avoid overwhelming yourself, make sure you choose display fixtures that work well with the amount of countertop space you have as well as both attractively and conveniently displays your merchandise.Keep in mind that you can also supplement your countertop space by making use of the space near your countertop. For example, gumball machines, lollipop trees, and wire display racks designed to hold clear plastic containers and other display fixtures work well to showcase additional merchandise near your countertop (in your POP area, for example) without actually taking up extra countertop space.

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